Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Our 10mm thick, clear toughened safety glass panels are supported by powder coated extruded aluminium posts.

We core drill holes for these posts, through any tiles or pavers into the concrete slab that is underneath and glue the posts in. A powder coated aluminium plate is placed over the post to give a neat finish. No unsightly bolts are used.

When the glue that holds the posts in place is dry, we lift the glass above the posts and insert it into the channels of the posts that are on either side. We then slide the glass down the posts.

Rubber seals are then inserted on both side of the glass. These are strips of rubber that run from the top to the bottom of the posts. Four strips of rubber are used per panel. The rubber holds the glass in place and also allows the glass to expand and contract with the daily changes in temperature.

We feel this method of holding the glass is superior to the ‘clamp’ system. In the ‘clamp’ system four clamps are used per panel. They are screwed to the top and bottom of the posts and then the glass is held in place by these clamps.

We believe our system is superior to the ‘clamp’ system as our glass panels are fully supported along their total length on each side giving stronger support to the glass and no possibility of the glass falling out. At the same time our system allows the glass to expand and contract. You will also have a more streamlined, uncluttered looking fence. With glass pool fencing less is better.

If you have a timber deck we would use posts that have a welded base plate that we fix into place using stainless steel coach bolts.

Glass gates are 8mm thick to reduce weight. We always use high quality latches and hinges to ensure your gate functions efficiently.

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Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

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