Our Glass

How our high quality clear pool fencing glass is made

Glass Factory

All steps of the production process reach the highest quality levels

Float Glass

  • All glass is processed from the same float glass supplier
  • Quality & die batch of glass remains consistent

Glass Cutting Tables

  • Bottero automatic cutting tables
  • Italian technology & engineering
  • Precision cutting

Double Edge Polishing Machines

  • High polish & blemish free edges
  • Horizontal double edge polishing machines give the finest edge finish
  • Quality control personnel check each sheet of glass

Radius Corners

  • 8 & 10mm thick glass have 2mm radius corners
  • An extra production step is required to achieve this finish
  • 2mm radius corners reduces the chance of chipping a sharp pointed corner
  • Eliminates the safety hazard of sharp corners
  • 12mm thick glass has 5mm radius corners on all 4 corners
  • A 5mm radius corner again requires an extra production step however the look achieved for frameless glass is stunning
  • Elegant finish to the overall frameless glass look

Tempering Oven

Toughened glass is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process. The glass is placed onto a roller table, taking it through a furnace that heats it above its annealing point of approx 700 degrees celsius. The glass is then rapidly cooled with forced air drafts. Of critical importance in glass processing is the tempering furnace used.

Tamglass furnace

  • European/USA technology & engineering
  • World’s most advanced tempering production equipment

Packing Specification

  • Separated by cork pads
  • Every sheet having hard plastic corner protectors shrink wrapped on
  • Confidence that glass can be safely transported long distances with less risk of glass touching & chipping or scratching

Our 8, 10 & 12mm glass is tested & certified as complying with the requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standard 2208:1996 – Safety Glazing Material in Buildings

Detailed Quality Control

At each stage of production (cutting, polishing, drilling, tempering and packing) dedicated Quality Control Personnel inspect each sheet of glass. Glass is identified as not conforming to the highest quality is set aside.