Frameless Glass Pool Fencing


Panels are 12mm thick clear toughened glass with 1200mm high glass available in 39 standard off the shelf lengths. They are  available in 50mm increments ranging from 100mm to a maximum of 2000mm long.

We can get “Custom Made” panels in any height and any length up to a maximum of 2000mm long.

If you have a retaining wall in the fence line then we have special “retaining wall” panels in six different heights ranging from 1300mm to 1800mm in increments of 100mm. These panels are 1200mm high at one end and the other end 1200mm plus the height of your retaining wall to the nearest 100mm. These panels are 1200mm long.


Our polished stainless steel spigots are available in ROUND or SQUARE. They are made from Grade 2205 stainless steel which is considered to be superior to Grade 316 and has greater strength and increased corrosive resistance.

SQUARE stainless spigots are available powder coated Matt Black.

If you have an issue with Electrical Earthing SQUARE spigots are available with an insulation cover so that electrical earthing is not required.  Metal spigots that are within 1250mm of the pool waters edge usually need to be earthed.

In concreted areas holes for the spigots are core drilled. A stainless steel cover goes over the spigot to conceal the cored hole giving you a modern streamlined look.

If you have a timber deck, we have plated spigots that are fixed to your timber deck using stainless-steel countersunk screws. A polished stainless-steel domical cover goes over the spigot to conceal the screws giving you a modern and streamlined finish.

We also have a side-fixed spigot that deals with areas where you need to face mount a spigot.


We also offer face fixed glass in varying heights. These are side fixed using polished stainless steel

“Stand-Off Pins” that are available in 38mm or 50mm diameter.

Standard side fixed glass panels are available 1530mm high.


When necessary we can use polished stainless steel “D” clamps to fix panels to an existing post or wall.

Some clamps are available powder coated Matt Black.

We also have a range of “RIGI” polished stainless steel clamps.


Standard glass gates are 8mm thick toughened glass and are available in 13 standard off the shelf sizes ranging from 700mm to 1000mm wide in 25mm width increments. These gates come with standard self-closing hinges.

Polaris gates are 12mm thick toughened glass and are available in either 800mm wide or 900mm wide. These gates come with Polaris “Soft Close” hinges.

In most cases, we can offer you glass to glass pool gates with no need for posts, a seamless look.


We offer Standard self-closing hinges or Polaris “Soft Close” hydraulic hinges.

Both types are available in polished stainless-steel or Matt Black finish.

We are also able to offer combinations of Frameless glass and powder-coated aluminium pool fencing giving you a great looking fence at an affordable price.

If you have areas that are more than 1000mm off the ground then regulations may require a top rail on the glass. In these instances, we can fix a streamlined polished stainless steel ‘U’ shaped 21 x 25mm rail to the top of the glass panels (see our Balustrade section)

Our glass and aluminium pool fencing complies with the relevant Australia Standards and the current pool fencing legislation.
We will provide you with a Form 15 certificate of compliance , that certifies that the materials comply with Australian Standards.