Frameless Glass Pool Fencing


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Our 12mm thick, clear toughened safety glass panels are supported by stainless steel spigots.

We recommend spigots that are made from grade ‘2205’ stainless steel. Grade ‘2205’ is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of stainless steel spigots and is superior to grade ‘316?.

Our Rio and Madrid spigots are available with base plates for fixing to timber decks.

We core drill holes for the spigots, through any tiles or pavers, into the concrete slab that is underneath and glue the spigots in. A stainless steel plate is placed over the spigot to give a neat finish. No unsightly bolts are used.

Our frameless glass gates are 8mm thick to reduce weight and are fixed glass to glass. This is achieved by using special 12mm thick glass hinge and latch panels. Hinges are attached to the hinge panel and the glass gate. The latch is then attached to the gate and the glass latch panel.

This method of attaching the gate means no unsightly gate posts are required.

This gives you a much better looking frameless glass pool fence.

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Frameless Components

Our “Rio” and “Madrid” spigots are made from Grade 2205 Polished Stainless Steel.

Grade 2205 is superior to grade 316 stainless steel and has super strength and corrosive resistance.

On concrete surfaces, we will core drill holes and grout the spigots in. If you have a timber deck we will use base plated “Rio” or “Madrid” spigots and fix them to your deck with stainless steel screws. A stainless steel domical cover goes over the base plate to conceal the screws.

All three spigots are suitable for concreted surfaces. We would Core Drill holes for them.

The Rio and Madrid spigots can also be bolted down to timber decks etc

Download our information sheets for these spigots below: